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Interview with Le Lion

Surfing the endless waves of the Internet, I found this artist and wanted to know more about him and his work. Ladies and gentlemen: Le Lion
When did you start to paint?
I started painting before I learned to walk or talk. I had my first drawing lessons when I was 7 years old. I used paintbrushes, drawing charcoals, pencils etc.
Was a special reason for which you start to paint?
It all started during summer 2011 when I visited my brother in London because he wanted me to make several paintings for his new flat.
Before this, most of my work was numerical on Photoshop using my Wacom Cintig 21 tablet, but something was missing.. Probably the living aspect .. On the first painting I made, I did not really know where to start, after spending years working mainly on my computer. My first choice was to draw using Poscas and acrylic paint. The more I painted, the more I enjoyed it and felt alive while doing it. This freedom of creation, the sensations felt while working were incredible and revealed my sensible side.
Which artists inspire your work?
I do not have a specific artist that inspires me for my work. My environment and music are basically what inspire me the most. I mainly like painters, graphists or designers that have their own personality, like Keith Haring for example. Reading interviews, biographies, and observing art from different backgrounds and styles made me understand the necessary steps in becoming an artist and that I still have a long way to go.

Why you like to go on the streets and print your work?
First, I think that my characters have a certain humoristic side that can make people smile for a short instant when they come across them on the street. Then, to put a little bit of color and happiness on buildings that are a bit dull and grey in our cities.
Do you think that your work is autobiographic?
My work is not autobiographic, but it results from my past experiences and what affects me on a daily basis. For example, bad parents’ behavior with their children, a love relationship torn apart, a sad person, a happy person, a tragedy or a triviality on the news… As you might have already noticed it, the human being is my main source of inspiration.
If your characters were alive, what would be their favorite food?
In France we have a saying « croquer la vie à pleines dents » (To take a bite out of life) meaning that you live life to the fullest. So I would have to say that their favorite food would be life.
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